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"JANGLE " WETSUIT  is a Breed apart. 

JANGLE stands for Animal Care and Freedom. 

Say goodbye to the Masses , Dare , go individual.

Do expect the best we are ready to fulfill all your highest expectations.

  • Top Notch JANGAprene
  • Green Line . Earth friendly features.
  • Super stretch and gummiest neoprene
  • Quick Dry inside Lining
  • Thermo selected Areas
  • Hand taped indide
  • Light weight
  • Kevlar Kneepads
  • 3x stitched and GBS
  • Reeinforced stress points
  • Mindblowing wetsuit
  • All year round



Sorry Girls , Due to this crazy year of 2020 We are forced to delay the launch of

" JANGLE " in a couple of months more than we expected. 

Please note we will only be able to ship everybody's way during February 2021...

Why Wait So Long !? Yes its a hard long waiting but trust me it will worth every day....Limited edition and a Collection to remember.

So we decide to offer the "EARLY BIRD" score discount program and it goes like this:

If you buy it in pre order during :

´20 SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER : Just €200 !

´21 JANUARY : €319 : Free Shipping
´21 FEBRUARY : €319 Reg.


* Its more about to make sure you get yours.